Admire Audio. High-efficiency HI-END loudspeakers

Our loudspeakers

Our loudspeakers are designed to get the most out of our smart-designed amplification systems with low distortion levels and the minimum power requirements. The calculation and manufacture process of the enclosures and exponentials as well as the adjustment of the drivers are meticulously carried out, fundamentally thought to minimize the filter components.

Our purpose

To achieve our purpose, we need to reduce the number of steps between the source and the loudspeaker as much as possible. The mechanical adjustment and filtering of the different bands is being held by an artisan who delicately processes the measurements in the anechoic chamber and proceeds on hearing the results in a listening room. 

Our inspiration

Thanks to the Western Electric and their superior Japanese craftsmanship which was used in the past, we have employed the full capacities and virtues of those systems as their values inspire us to deliver the best product possible. 

We invite you to enter our universe and explore this unique sound experience for yourself.

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